Tips For Choosing Air Hockey Tables

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Are you thinking of getting an air hockey table to be used at home or at a local pub? The game of air hockey is one of the most popular games around and it’s fun to throw your own parties and tournaments. If you want to host your own events, then there are some things that you will need to think about before you go out and make a purchase. Air hockey tables are made in a variety of sizes and with a variety of features, so make sure you select the right air hockey table for yourself.

One of the first things that you should think about is the playing surface of the table. There are two types of air hockey tables that you can purchase. One type is one that comes with a playing surface and another type of table has a playing surface that is attached to the table. The playing surfaces on the two types differ in size and there is a wide variety of sizes to choose from.

Also, there are different types of hockey pucks that you can get for your hockey table. Two types of pucks include either a feather board or an expanded hockey puck. Feather boards look like the actual pucks that players use in hockey, but they are weighted down and have extra material on the inside of the puck that prevents it from popping off the bottom when it is shot. They are not as durable as expanded pucks, but many players like to use these because they are easier to handle and they are less likely to be damaged during game play.

Another important element of an air hockey table to consider is the legs. Some legs are equipped with lighted up ends that are visible from all angles. Lighted up legs make the table look more authentic and they increase the amount of fun that people can have playing the game. Also, the lighted up legs allow players to easily see where they are on the table and this can help players when they are trying to figure out where their next shot is coming from.

One thing to keep in mind about choosing an air hockey table top is to consider how easy it is to clean. Some surfaces are made with a special cleaner that does not attract dust, dirt, or fingerprints. If you are playing on a regular basis and getting dirty on the outside of the playing surface, then a table top air hockey set is a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you are just starting to get into the game and you do not spend a lot of time playing on the outside of the table, then a table-top surface without any type of cleaning or maintenance is probably best for you.

When you are looking at air hockey tables, remember that it all comes down to what type of experience you are looking to have. Are you more comfortable playing on natural grass or on some type of synthetic surface? There are even air hockey tables that come with rubber blades so that the game can be played in a hockey-type fashion. The type of playing surface that you will have will depend on the age and level of your child and on what you would like the end product to look like. Click here for more information about Small hockey table for fun

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