How To Interpret A Tarot Card


The tarot card is a representative of the many facets of human life. These cards show the decisions humans have made in their lives and offer insight into what path a person should take in their future. Tarot cards are available in many different styles, each representing a different aspect of life. Each suit of the tarot contains a different meaning. In some cases, a single suit will represent the same meaning in multiple ways, reflecting a person’s personality and general outlook on life. Learn more information about tarot card readingĀ 

The most popular type of tarot deck is the Major Arcana, which contains the Major Arcana decks which have the most commonly known meanings. The Minor Arcana, however, has lesser known meanings and can be used to understand more deeply the underlying meaning of tarot. There are also several specialty tarot decks, such as the Tarot Romance, that focus solely on interpretations of love tarots, or the seven tarot cards that show relationships, and other aspects related to marriage and relationships.

There are similarities between the Major Arcana, and the minor arcana, and between the major arcana and the tarot decks. They all include the playing cards and the basic deck which each has thirteen playing cards. The major arcana also includes the Minor Arcana, and the differences between these two sets of cards are relatively small. This similarity, however, does not stop them from including similar pictures on their tarot decks. For instance, in the tarot, a three of hearts usually indicates a positive relationship, a four of hearts can be a symbol for an active lifestyle and a five of hearts generally means that the relationship is one of a romantic nature, although it could also refer to friendship.

Tarot cards reveal information about a situation by revealing the surrounding tarot cards as well as the general feelings of that situation. If a card is drawn it may have several meanings. If it reveals a seven of hearts, it can mean something is wrong, there could be danger involved, and perhaps even sorrow. In a tarot reading, the seven of hearts is particularly important because it is considered the card of death. Therefore, if you were to see a seven of hearts on a love tarot card, you would know that the relationship may be at risk.

The tarot cards also contain more symbolic meaning. All of the cards have certain characteristics that relate to specific situations and people. For instance, the Ace of Pentacles is used to represent someone who is strong willed, intelligent, practical and reliable. A two of diamonds is also a card that indicates someone who is ambitious, creative, strong willed, and has a need for admiration. It can also symbolize one who is loving, loyal, and intuitive. In a tarot card reading, an upside down three of clubs can indicate a loss, an inverted four of swords can mean a secret, and an upside down five of swords can mean that the situation is hopeless.

A wise reader will take all of these attributes into consideration before interpreting the meaning of a particular tarot card. They will look at each card individually and from there will determine which suit, or colors, apply to the situation at hand. When choosing tarot cards for a new relationship, you may want to use one for the whole relationship or you may want to use a single card for each aspect. Another option is to purchase a deck and use it for just the present one or for some other special occasion. Either way, learning to interpret the tarot cards will have a wonderful effect on your life.

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