A Woman’s Beauty Product Demo That Really Made Me Think About Makeup


This past weekend I attended the Women’s Facial Beauty Show in London, England. This yearly event, the largest cosmetic executive showcase, an annual ritual which, for a measly $ 115 per ticket, gives cosmetic industry members a sneak peak at the almost 800 available products vying for such a prestigious CEW Beauty Insider Award which is presented every year aticon. To say that my mouth was watering was an understatement!

The Women’s Facial Beauty Show, or Facial World as it is more commonly known, is held in the famous Royal Exhibition Building in London every year during the month of May and showcases not just facial beauty but all facets of womanhood. I have attended this particular beauty show countless times and have also written extensively about it in my own women’s health magazine. I can honestly say that this event and the Women’s Facial Beauty Show in London have impacted my entire life in more ways than I can possibly explain. I first became interested in makeup and skin care, when I saw the large display of products on offer at my local makeup counter during one of my frequent visits to the Beauty Shop. It was such a huge event that I would go years later to see if I could score an appointment with the same beautician who’d been responsible for the “buzz” surrounding the Women’s Facial Beauty Show.

After my experience with the Women’s Facial Beauty Show, I made a personal vow to never again ever go anywhere without my daily beauty regimen. If I knew then what I know now, I would never even consider trying out products for anything other than their beauty effect. So here it is, almost 20 years later and I still regularly attend beauty product demos in London and take home their samples. Of course, things have changed in the technological sphere but my commitment to beauty has not weakened one bit. On the contrary, it has actually grown stronger as I have become more aware of the importance of makeup in society and as a woman of colour.

Of course, it is not just the Women’s Facial Beauty Show that has had such an effect on my makeup and beauty practices. It has actually been quite a few years since I last attended one of the big events that litter the London landscape. I am not exaggerating when I say that my interest in makeup and skincare has blossomed over the past decade or so. I now regularly attend beauty product demo events and have even been featured in several magazines including Woman’s Weekly. I even landed a spot on the Oprah Show, where I was asked about my beliefs around beauty. Needless to say, it did not take me long to put everything I knew about beauty into the spotlight. You can get more information about maquillaje vegano.

As a woman of colour, I know that beauty is more than skin deep. Skin colour alone is no longer enough. While many women may choose to wear white or choose light shades for practical reasons, I realise that beauty should be something more than this. I am inspired by the women’s movement towards self-love and towards their own beauty; today more women are choosing to ditch the heavy make-up and go for natural and healthy beauty products, and this is excellent news for women everywhere.

The beauty product demo I recently watched on the Oprah show did not try to glamour my image or make me out to be some supermodel. All they tried to do was to demonstrate the effectiveness of some women’s cleansing and toning cleansers. I am not sure if any of the products were effective, but I was blown away by how good some of them really were. I am now a proud owner of a cleansing and toning system that my mother had a hand in designing and I use everyday.

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