11 Best Bathtub Trays 2022

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Photo editor Rozette Rago has a Cold Picnic Torso Bath Mat that adds a touch of whimsy to her bathroom. If you prefer the look and feel of wood to that of a plush mat, Katie is all about the Tosaryu Hinoki Bath Mat made from Japanese cypress . Our staffers mentioned a few other items that make staying in the bath more comfortable.

But if your bathtub dimensions measure outside of the average, trays can be as short as 24 inches and as long as 43.3 inches. Start by determining what you want to put on your tray and make sure it’s wide enough to hold your essentials. Mark the length of the wood to extend slightly further than this measurement, and cut it with either a handsaw, a table saw, or a circular saw. Made with durable bamboo, the tray is eco-friendly and resists mold. The light wood composition and sleek design are crafted to fit well with any bathroom decor. And, as many city dwellers who have moved around renting several flats over the years know know all too well, the luxury of having a soak in a bath come 7pm is second to none.

This is made of bamboo, so it’s moisture-resistant and an absolute steal for under £13.00. With an incense tray and incense cones, a built-in book rest and ceramic dish. When you’re ready, use a straight edge as a guide and cut out your channel. If you want to know more about bathtub trays check here https://bathtub-tray.com

Working one at a time, lay each plywood template over its cut location and clamp it securely to your work piece. Set the depth of your pattern bit so it extends about 3/16-inch past the plywood to create your desired insets. Turn the router on, then lower it into the center of the hole, letting it slowly dig into the wood. Once the router base is resting on the plywood, carve out the inset in concentric circles until you reach the outside edge of the template.

Your bathroom deserves to be the best room in your house—and with these under-$50 towels, tub trays, bidets, and more, you can make it happen on the cheap. And when it’s time to finally step out of the bath, placing your freshly soaked feet on a nice bath mat can make all the difference. Marketing lead Jessica Joseph and Lesley both love the Hotel Collection Cotton Reversible Bath Rug. “This is honestly one of the best bath mats I’ve ever purchased. It makes your feet feel warm and cozy, and it’s easy to wash and dry,” said Jessica.

Many have compartments designed to keep your must-haves in place, from slots for soaps and bath oils, to holders for smartphones, tablets and books. Most will fit a standard-sized bath, but there are also some extendable options. For a metal option that’s more glam than industrial, try a brass bath caddy—with a large main section and two side trays, there’s room to hold plenty of items. Couple’s bath caddy is a solution for a romanti end to a long day. It’s made of solid-bamboo and can fit a tub for two.

If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. One of these items is dispatched sooner than the other. This chrome bath rack is extendable too, to fit a variety of bath sizes.

The metal sides can be placed on the side of the tub, and the plastic coating prevents it from slipping into the water. Hand-sketch the approximate positions of all your desired elements in pencil right on the board. The tray described here has space for a tablet or book, two candles, a teacup or wine glass, and a phone, but you can customize yours however you please.

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